Design Pio e Tito Toso 2022

Cattelan Maxim

Alk. 6654,00€

The design of the Maxim table-sculpture stems from the seamless link between its shape, consisting of three petals, and the material it is made from. Just as a sculpture emerges from the material in the hands of the master, likewise by looking at this round design table you can perceive the effort and time taken by man to shape it. It derives from manual craftsmanship and a cold moulding technique, which does not involve exploiting energy resources. The industrialised processes are only to support the high artisan component of the manual phases of pouring the liquid cement and the finishing. The base of this modern table is in fact finished in clay, with earthy and natural shades. Maxim comes in two versions: a round table with a transparent glass top that lets you appreciate the sculptural base in its entirety, and the Maxim Argile model completely spatulated in clay, lending it an even more organic look. This durable finish also makes Maxim ideal as an outdoor design table. “When the material is sufficient in itself, without superstructures or additions, we have a pure and direct object that is already a finished product,” explain the designers Pio and Tito Toso.




140 cm6654,00"oletus"
160 cm7288,00
180 cm8037,00


Clear glass0,00"oletus"
Bevelled extra clear glasslisähintaan
Argile, sementtilisähintaan
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