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Ono Design 2022

Cattelan Fulham

Alk. 1978,00€

To furnish an environment that conveys tranquillity and balance, but at the same time is a place to regenerate and find new stimuli, the secret is to choose fluid shapes with intriguing decorative details that blend delicately with the design. The Fulham modern steel bookcase designed by Ono Design bases its raison d’être precisely on this aesthetic concept. The structure consists of curved walls and internal partitions, rounded and sinuous. In this way, the transition between the points of light and shadow is soft and suffused. The lack of excess that sees forms prevail over decoration gives life to a modern bookcase with a harmonious and elegant aesthetic. By placing the bookcase in the centre of the room, it acts as an attractive partition, perfectly symmetrical and balanced.


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135x34 cm kork. 85 cm1978,00"oletus"


Ota yhteys myyntiimme ja pyydä tarjous.

Ota yhteyttä tai tule käymään liikkeessämme Uudenmaankatu 13, Turku.